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Cartems was literally born out of a dream - Cartems’ founder, Jordan Cash, went to bed one night and woke up with a vision of opening an amazing donut shop, even going so far as foreseeing its name– ‘Cartems’. The word Cartems doesn’t mean anything but it means a whole lot to our small team!

Our ingredients are fresh, and our donuts are never ever frozen. We source ingredients from as close to home as possible, and organic wherever we can. Here at Cartems, our goal is simply to make the best donuts possible. Sure, they take us a little longer to make, and the ingredients may cost a bit more, but we hope you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

We’re proud of our place in the community, we aim to support the neighborhoods we live in through events, donations and local collaborations and the community has shown us their support with 8 years of voting us the Best Donut Shop in Vancouver in the Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards. Now we’re ready to share our donuts with a larger community, through our bake-at-home Donut Mix!
We’ve grown and learned a lot along the way, and have realized our business is about three key things: smiles, conversation, and donuts.

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