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Parksville, BC: Parksville, BC

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El Faro started in 2018 on Pender Island and began as a dream to create a 100% gluten free experience for everyone! It was a success and grew from a taqueria into a successful restaurant and catering business. In 2020 they took their gluten free flour formula and tried it out and it was a wonderful success! Creating scones so incredible you couldn't tell the difference between gluten scones and gluten free scones! They decided to add this element to their restaurant and it became a success on Pender Island and beyond. 

In 2021 they moved El Faro back to Parksville and changed the name to El Faro Market. Today they are a 100% gluten free market and cafe that focuses on health, creating relationships with their customers and making delicious food to tantalize your taste buds!

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