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BC Coastal Grilling Planks

12" Cedar Grill Scraper - BC Coastal Grilling

12" Cedar Grill Scraper - BC Coastal Grilling

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The newest addition to our BC Coastal line-up is our all-natural cedar grill scrapers. These are hand crafted on Vancouver Island and are a nontoxic, sustainable way to clean your BBQ, stove top or oven grill.

We highly recommend the use of a cedar grill scraper over the common wire brush scrapers as these wires have been known to break off and can cause serious and possibly lethal damage if ingested by humans or pets.

The heat from the grill forms the groove to become a custom scraper designed for each individual BBQ. This product is designed to form with time and use and the cedar means it is extremely durable and will last for years.

We offer two different sizes of the grill scraper (12” and 18”). The size you choose depends on what size of BBQ you use; a bigger BBQ will need a longer scraper in order to reach across the grill. Both sizes have a bevelled edge for aesthetics and comfort in the hand of the user.

Our scrapers have a jute string and informational Hang Tag with Barcoding for display and handy for the customer as it can be conveniently hung on the BBQ.

Directions for use

Prep or seasoning is not needed before using your grill scraper.
In order to start the process of forming the scraper press the grill scraper firmly on your grill (branded side up) and apply even pressure to it.
Move it back and forth over the grate’s multiple times. This action will cause the grooves to form and remove any charred debris from the top and sides of the grill.
You can also season your Grill by dipping the end of the scraper into Cooking Oil and apply by moving your Grill Scraper back and forth over the grills.
Clean your grill scraper after each use by simply wiping any charred debris from the end. At the end of your Grilling season, you can wash your grill scraper in the dishwasher.

Note: Private Labelling, Custom Logo Branding for Promotional Gifts is available on all Grill Scrapers.  


About BC Coastal Grilling Planks

B.C. Coastal is a wood manufacturing company specializing in the production of sustainable “Value-added” Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) cooking products. Operations are based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada located within the Coastal Forest Region, the primary source of Western Red Cedar tree species in the world.

The Company is owned and managed by the (Livelton-Moore) family whose three generations of forest industry involvement and understanding ensures a stable wood supply and quality end product.

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