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Fleur de Sel 76% Dark Chocolate - Wallace Craft Chocolate (60g)

Fleur de Sel 76% Dark Chocolate - Wallace Craft Chocolate (60g)

Expiry date: 2025/02/02

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By carefully adding a dash of Salt Spring Island sea salt (with a hint of blackberry), we enhance the flavour of our single origin Philippines chocolate, complementing the natural essence of these exquisite beans. Bliss.

The Fleur de Sel 76% Dark Chocolate bar is made using cacao ethically sourced from Kablon Farms in the Philippines!


Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Fleur de Sel, Blackberry

May contain: Dairy, peanuts and tree nuts

Learn About Kablon Farms

The Philippines has a long history of cacao farming; the crop was introduced in the 1700s when a Spanish colonist brought seedlings over to the islands from Mexico. Since then, it’s common practice for Filipino communities to consume cacao as drinking chocolate, similar to Maya communities throughout Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.

Kablon Farms is a 70 hectare bio-diversified, sustainable farm in South Cotabato, in Davao, Philippines. The farm is owned by the Pantua family and the crop production is managed by the eldest sibling, Ernesto Pantua Jr. (who prefers to be called Jun).

With an uncompromising emphasis on the highest quality of specialty cocoa beans, Kablon Farms is leading a change in the low-cost/low quality norm seen throughout the Philippines. Constantly improving and innovating, the farm runs cocoa farming and fermentation trials to perfect the unique flavour profiles of their cacao offerings.

Kablon is a Wallace Craft Chocolate single origin supplier, with their farm representing the Asia-Pacific region of cacao production.

About Wallace Craft Chocolate

Wallace Craft Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate company from Victoria, BC, Canada. We make the best tasting stone-ground chocolates and confections using 100% transparently traded chocolate from our single-origin sources. Our Founder, Mark Wallace, has spent the better part of the last decade across Africa, working to help farmers produce high-quality cocoa and sell their cocoa beans to specialty chocolate makers so they could make a better living wage. Upon returning to Canada, he maintained his relationship with cocoa producers, and now buys beans directly from these farmers for a good price. Wallace Craft Chocolate has a deep connection to the West Coast, using combining local ingredients with interesting cocoa beans for exquisite and interesting flavour combinations. We strive to uphold the highest standards in transparency, integrity, and sustainability in everything we do. 

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