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Apple Earl Grey & Cinnamon (Herb Blend Oatmeal Mix) - Suribachi Herbal (300g)

Apple Earl Grey & Cinnamon (Herb Blend Oatmeal Mix) - Suribachi Herbal (300g)

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Suribachi Herbal "Herb Blend Oatmeal Mix" is made for providing a well-balanced nutritive breakfast for you and your family.

This oatmeal mix has rich in protein from walnut, almond, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds, which are ground for easy digestion.
Including spoon full Chia seeds and flax seeds which have rich in nutrition, well-known superfoods.

And.... flavorful herbs and tea powder are added for your special breakfast!!
You can add fresh or frozen fruits additionally!

This oatmeal mix is for hot preparation or cold preparation.
You can enjoy it year-round!
For your camp and trip, it is a handy-breakfast option!!"


Rolled oats, walnut, almond, organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, shredded coconut, coconut sugar, organic cane sugar, sea salt, organic earl grey tea leaf, dried apple, cinnamon powder.

About Suribachi Herbal

Herbal Oxymel is not only a blend of sustainably sourced ingredients. Our signature product was also created from a blend of diligent study in various fields of health and wellness plus lived experience. Before immigrating to Canada, Yuki Furuichi worked as a registered dietitian in Japan and studied traditional Japanese holistic food culture and the science of nutrition. She furthered her studies when she found her home in Victoria, BC, studying herbal medicine at Pacific Rim College, and Chinese clinical food theory by remote learning.

The origin of her passion for nutrition began when, as a teenager, Yuki's grandfather was admitted to hospital for an extended period. During his hospitalization, his discomfort was magnified because he began to miss his favourite comfort foods, the meticulous efforts - intrinsic to Japanese food culture - to prepare and present his favourite meals, and most of all, the ritual of sharing the experience with his family. Yuki recognized at an early age how vital our relationship with food is, and how food contributes to our relationships. Food is not only intended for sustenance, but is needed for connection.

Since 2006 Yuki has made food, nutrition, and cooking her life's work and her personal passion. Though her Japanese dietitian credentials did not directly transfer when she immigrated to Canada, her experience and expertise paved every step of her career path in the food industry. She loves to experiment in her own kitchen too. From Western home-cooking to high-end Japanese cuisine, Yuki quite literally devours new knowledge and methodologies. Every opportunity she has to travel, she savours every moment to try new and exciting dishes from street food to fancy restaurants, to take cooking classes, and to scour local markets for fascinating ingredients. She wants to "taste life" in with all her senses.

Yuki committed to a career in nutrition because she believes that mindful, healthy eating of whole foods and medicinal herbs is the root of wellness, that food is medicine. Yuki currently puts her passion, experience, and education to work, creating recipes and cooking wholesome foods for seniors. She founded Suribachi Herbal so that she could share her nutritional culinary wisdom with a wider audience. She bel
ieves everyone should all have access to delicious, nutritious foods that both do good and taste good.

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