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Hottest Tuff (Hibiscus Tamarind) - Tofino Hot Sauce Co. (125ml)

Hottest Tuff (Hibiscus Tamarind) - Tofino Hot Sauce Co. (125ml)

Expiry date: 2025/01/01

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The hottest of Tofino Hot Sauces' line of sauces - this beauty brings some heat. This sauce is like none you have ever had before.

*Note: for anyone who is a “tough guy” hot sauce eater. While this is the hottest of our product line, it is still well within a ‘consumable’ limit of heat. Tofino Hot Sauce Co's focus is on flavor, not intensity*

Pulling from traditions in Mexican cuisine Tofino Hot Sauce Co have added their favorite, and the always gorgeous (and delicious) Hibiscus flowers to this sauce. Couple that floral blast with the saturated earthy tones of tamarind and you have a unique hot sauce experience.

A sauce that is hot, bold and not for the feint of heart. Use it in cocktails, as a marinade for BBQ or for a “Tuff enough” hot sauce competition.

Allergen Statement: This product is not made in an allergen free certified facility.  There are no nuts or other allergens used or on site during the production. Product does contain night-shades and alliums which can be an allergen to some people


Rocoto, Guajillo and Pequin chile peppers, sweet onion, carrots, red bell peppers, hibiscus flowers, tamarind paste, garlic, salt, white vinegar

About Tofino Hot Sauce Co.

While sitting around the pub table in Nova Scotia enjoying some of Nova Scotia's iconic 'Dave's World Famous Wing Sauce' the idea for Tofino Hot Sauce was formed. Tofino - the perfect place for an iconic hot sauce, did not yet have one; so creator and flavor-maker, Lise Richard, decided it was up to her to create one.

Since her mother was a school teacher for her career and loves plays on words she said "...and you can call it 'Hot Tuff' because you think you're hot stuff" to which Lise replied, "just for you Ma, I will.". Each flavor contains a unique three chile pepper blend with each chile relating back to a surf adventure or food experience had by Lise. A sweet-vegetable blend is the base to these intensely flavorful sauces that will elevate your tastebuds; not burn your palate.

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