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Tripe Butcher Block for Dogs - Buddies Natural Pet Food (20 x 1/2lb Portions, 10lb Box)

Tripe Butcher Block for Dogs - Buddies Natural Pet Food (20 x 1/2lb Portions, 10lb Box)

Expiry date: 2024/08/10
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Rendering loop-subscriptions

Variety is key, at Buddies Natural Pet Food we do not use any additives or fillers. Our Butcher Blocks are designed as balanced meals each including a white meat, red meat, bone and organ. To complete the diet, add variety by rotating through the different flavors of Buddies Butcher Blocks. Our recommendation is to feed a different blend each time you pick up a box.


Bone-In Chicken, Beef Heart, Beef or Lamb Tripe, Beef Organs

About Buddies Natural Pet Food

At Buddies Natural Pet Food, we want to see all our buddies’ live long and comfortable lives, supported with a balanced and species appropriate diet. Having a species appropriate diet takes into account what they would naturally eat in the wild and then creating the closest option we can to that. We use FDA approved, unadulterated, human grade whole foods to create our raw pet food for dogs and cats. Our foods are sourced seasonally and locally in the Cowichan Valley where possible. We have always worked diligently at developing a variety of balanced protein-based raw food blends, we call these our “Butcher Blocks”. Each Butcher Block contains a calculated amount of each ingredient to create balanced meals for your animals at an affordable price.
We want a long and healthy life for every-buddy!

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