The Overview

The Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre

The Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) is a not for profit organization that helps military members and their families navigate and celebrate all facets of military family life.

The MFRC brings the military community together and connects family members with the resources they need, when they need it most. They service families of 6,700 military personnel (Regular and Reserve force). These families cope with frequent and unpredictable geographic relocations, long deployments of their loved ones in the military and concern about the well-being of their military member. The MFRC's aim is to support families on the home front so that they can develop coping skills as well as enhance their resilience and sense of belonging.

EMFRC's Mandate

Their Mission

To enhance resilience in military families through provision of programs and services that serve, involve and advocate for the military community and their families and address the unique challenges of the military family lifestyle and will result in enhanced quality of life and enable military operations

Their Vision

A proud, resilient military family thriving in a dynamic and supportive community

EMFRC's Programs & Services

The Esquimalt MFRC provides a wide variety of services for local military families. Some of their amazing programs include:

Deployment & Work Related Absences

Information and services for families preparing for and experiencing deployments/absences

Counselling & Wellness

Trained professionals provide counselling services for families seeking support for mental health, relationships, and parenting and assist in times of crisis.


Programs and services that help families settle into their new community.

Children Services

A creative and inclusive environment for military connected children.

Subscribe & Support EMFRC

For every EMFRC BCause Box ordered, we'll donate 5% towards their The Esquimalt MFRC's Emergency Fund.

The Esquimalt MFRC's Emergency Family Fund helps to provide a variety of services for military families in need.