The Overview

Island Kids Cancer Association

The Island Kids Cancer Association (IKCA) was formed in 2017 to fill a gap in services on Vancouver Island. After a childhood cancer diagnosis, families often need to spend time on the mainland in Vancouver for treatments, but the support needs to exist in their home communities as well. Beyond medical expertise and experience, families need to live and navigate their experiences, connect with one another, and receive access to supportive resources such as financial assistance and mental health and wellness opportunities. IKCA understands that a childhood
cancer diagnosis is often a lonely and frightening experience that impacts
everyone — including siblings and extended family members, and so they filled
the gap.

While growing as a charity, IKCA remains local and grassroots. They've grown in
community partnerships recognizing that community support is crucial to continue assisting the children and families facing childhood cancer. They've been able to expand the offerings that they can provide to families which focus on connection, mental health and wellness, and financial support.

IKCA's Mandate

Their Mission

To support the entire family throughout all the stages of their childhood cancer journey. IKCA provides: family navigation, mental health supports, social connection, resource access and financial assistance. Their goal is to be there for the family when they need it.

Their Vision

IKCA's comprehensive range of services and programs are intended to address the
unique challenges experienced by families facing childhood cancer on VancouverIsland and the Gulf Islands. A cancer diagnosis is devastating enough, but the added disruption of travel and hospitalization elsewhere, prolonged absences from work or home life, can take a major toll. IKCA works to break down isolation and financial barriers that surround childhood cancer. Providing outreach and support to the entire family truly enhances healing and care for the child or youth with cancer. IKCA exists to help these families navigate this path, and walks with them every step of the way.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer is devastating for any family, but the nature of living on Vancouver Island/the Gulf Islands can add unique challenges. IKCA exists to help Vancouver Island/Gulf Island families down this path, and walks with them every step of the way.

IKCA's Programs & Services

IKCA is proud to offer many programs to the population that they support including:

  • Family Connections Program: Families and kids need opportunities to have fun, create, and connect. IKCA provides monthly opportunities which enable families to connect with each other and their community.
  • Family Financial Assistance Program: Short-term funding to help a family cover expenses.
  • Touchstones Mental Health and Wellness Program: Touchstones focuses on mental health support, minimizing barriers, and helping families find the service providers or specialized therapists that may be a fit for their unique needs.
  • Hospital and Clinic Resource Program: IKCA works closely with front line staff at the Victoria General Hospital Pediatric Oncology Outpatient Clinic. We provide this clinic with emergency grocery and fuel vouchers, child life resources and healthy snacks.
  • Food Delivery Program: Heartfelt Meals provides families with ready-made meals, delivered right to their door. As well, produce deliveries are offered throughout the year to families across Vancouver Island.
  • Angel Network: IKCA provides specialized programs with access to connections within our community, and mental health and wellness support to families whose children have passed.
  • Comfy Kids Car Program: The Comfy Car solves an urgent need in accessing a safe and reliable form of transportation during a time when all energy needs to be with the child. The program was created to help Vancouver Island families transport their children with cancer to and from medical appointments at BC Children’s Hospital.

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In the dynamic landscape of childhood cancer support, IKCA often needs to be able to adapt and address the evolving needs of the families it serves. As a grassroots charity navigating a complex and changing environment, having resources available ensures timely and tailored assistance, providing invaluable support to children and their families.