Dinah's Corner — Regulating the Nervous System

Happy belated Fall Equinox from the BCause Team!

There’s certainly a crisp feeling in the air and some rain in the forecast to mark this time of year. This is a great time to get cozy, go inward, and make any needed shifts in our internal and external environments. Summer is generally high energy and can sometimes feel overwhelming when we want to take part in ALL THE THINGS! (I’m not yelling, you are!)

Two mugs of honey, lemon, ginger tea

If you’ve been experiencing burnout/frazzled/all-over-the-place sort of feelings, it may be time to give your nervous system some nourishment and rest. Our nervous system is responsible for the ability to move flexibly between different states of arousal in response to various stressors. This means that if we encounter a change in our environment (like a stressful situation at work or with our family), and we have a nourished and rested nervous system, we can adapt easily and avoid feeling completely overwhelmed or “hijacked” for the rest of the day. Finding ourselves easily overwhelmed or extremely reactive can be an indicator that our nervous system needs some love.

Here are some easy ways we can regulate our nervous system and bring ourselves back into a restful state.

1. Warm Soaks

One easy and affordable way to stay relaxed during this season is to engage in regular warm soaks–this could be a full submersion in your bathtub or the hot tub at your local recreation center or even as simple as a foot soak. Being immersed in warm water can activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the part of your body responsible for relaxation), which leads to feelings of lowered stress, anxiety, and increased relaxation. For extra soothing, you can include some bath bombs with essential oils or Epsom soaks to help relax your muscles and mind.

2. Physical Touch

We often forget the benefits of physical touch and how regulating this can be for us. This can include hugs, holding hands, cuddles, or a massage—from ourselves or someone we trust. Regardless of where we receive on the body (feet, face, shoulders, etc.), it can offer many benefits including increasing circulation, reducing pain, and activating our parasympathetic nervous system. It is also a relaxing practice for your muscles, which tend to be very tense when you experience high-stress levels. When your body is relaxed, your mind follows. Here are some products to make your experience extra soothing.

3. Tea

Just like taking warm baths, drinking warm tea can signal to the body that it is time to rest. The mere act of holding a warm mug in your hands can send a signal to the brain to relax. With the addition of nutritious and warming herbs in the tea, creating a daily ritual around a cup of tea (particularly in the mornings or evenings) can be a simple, delicious, and nourishing way to support our nervous system regularly.

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Operations Manager / Farmer / Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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