We Ditched the Glitch: BCause Got an Upgrade

Have you noticed over the last handful of weeks that the BCause website has been, for lack of a better word, ✨ g l i t c h y ✨? It wasn't just you. As a small startup with a big idea, BCause launched in a very DIY fashion.

Are we professional website builders? No. Did that stop us? Absolutely not.

While the site functioned to a point, it was always a sort of band-aid solution, held together with the digital equivalent of duct tape. Unfortunately, a few months ago, the duct tape started to fail, leading to a snowball effect and, ultimately, to a site that was incredibly slow, riddled with issues, and, for many, impossible to shop on. All of these were frustrating, and we want to personally apologize for the headache.

However, we have good news!

After months of development and with the help of some real web professionals, we have rebuilt the site from the ground up. It's loading in a blink, the checkout is actually working, and the errors that were keeping the entire BCause team awake at night have been resolved. On the surface, you may not notice a huge difference, but over the coming weeks, we will continue to make minor design changes to enhance the shopping experience for you.

While the new site is live, these sorts of projects often result in some minor bugs. If you experience any issues with the site, please reach out to us directly at info@shopbcause.ca so we can be sure to fix it right away.

From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you for your patience while we continue to grow and for putting up with us as we push forward into ushering in a new era of grocery shopping.

We love ya!

The BCause Team

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