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It might horrify you to learn about the amount of waste that your average traditional grocery store produces. According to a 2019 study by Second Harvest, a massive 58% of all food produced in Canada, roughly 35.5 million tonnes is wasted each year throughout the food supply chain. The same report says that nearly 1/3 of this waste can be diverted or 'rescued' to communities in need.

This report comes at a time when food insecurity is at a record high. The latest data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), 2017-18 showcases that in BC, 12.4% of all households are food insecure. It is to be expected that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased these statistics.

Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), 2017-18


At Doorway, we want to lead a food revolution and help change these statistics and that is why we have partnered with our friends at Victoria's Rainbow Kitchen Society.

All About Rainbow Kitchen

The Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society has been a cornerstone in food security programming since 2001 throughout the CRD. Rainbow Kitchen has 4 awesome staff members and a dedicated crew of volunteers. Based in Esquimalt (500 Admirals Rd), Rainbow Kitchen's mission is "Filling the belly, Feeding the Soul" and they do just that with hot breakfast, lunch, grab n' go pantry/store, and meal programs at Victoria schools. 

One of the many awesome things about Rainbow Kitchen is that they pride themselves on having zero barriers to access their services. From kids in schools, to young families to vulnerable people throughout the region, there is never any judgement. Rainbow Kitchen is a soft place to land, build community, have fun and eat well.

As of Sept 24, 2021 - Doorway has donated over $1000 in food to Rainbow Kitchen.

Doorway does not waste food.

All unsold food items are donated directly to Rainbow Kitchen for redistribution through their various programs. This includes imperfect produce and close dated products. This joint partnership has allowed us to divert thousands of pounds of food that would otherwise have been thrown in the garbage.

Any food that has spoiled (perhaps a tomato got squished by mistake), that is not suitable for Rainbow Kitchen, gets either composted or, using some pretty cool technology, turned into garden fertilizer - neat!


$3.50 is all it takes to feed someone in need.

Rainbow Kitchen are masters at stretching a dollar to help feed anyone in need. In addition to food donations, monetary donations always are a big help to ensuring their programs continue to run smoothly.

If you are interested in donating to help those in need, CLICK HERE or use the form below to make a cash donation.*



*The above form is directly from Rainbow Kitchen. 100% of funds donated through this form go directly to Rainbow Kitchen, Doorway Drop does not collect any of these transactions. If you have any questions or comments regarding this form, it is best to contact Rainbow Kitchen directly - 250 384 2069. Tax receipts are available.

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