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Chilliwack, BC: Chilliwack, BC

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Stormy's began in 2021 as a food truck based in Chilliwack, BC.

Being plant-based for many years, our founder, Stormy, felt it was about time to swap from serving tables at pubs to serving healthy food! From her own experience she realized that 'when you eat more plants you do the happy dance' and she couldn't wait to help her community do this! She started serving up smoothie bowls that were not only nutritious but also fun and delicious! These bowls were topped with her house-made Rawnola and it was a hit.

Fast forward 14,160 Rawnola Smoothie Bowls later, she knew her Rawnola was a hit. Turns out people love dates as much as she does! She sold it out of the truck at the end of her first season but in 2022 decided to develop an additional new flavour, new packaging and bring it to the retail market for everyone to enjoy!
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