New BCause Vendor Alert: Justo's Plant-Based Dips

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"I've been keeping a jar of Justo's in my fridge since I first discovered them at the Esquimalt Farmer's Market a few years ago. In my mind, hummus and pita is the new PB&J!" - Mitch

While we have been carrying Justo's delicious hummus line for awhile now, we are beyond excited to welcome their new extended Plant-Based Dips - Ranch, Tzatziki and Queso to the family! Made right here in Victoria, these delicious dips are the perfect addition to any snack! 

Why Justo's Decided to Focus on Plant-Based

By now we have all heard that incorporating plant-based options into our diet is good for us and helps the planet (insert your favourite article about gassy cows, and/or the strain that meat production can have on the environment at large here). That being said, if you've been trying to add plant-based options into your meals you know it's not always easy to find tasty alternatives. Luckily for us, Victoria-based Justo's Plant-Based Dips are on the case.


They are dedicated to developing products that are plant-based so that everyone can have access to delicious and nutritious plant-based options while also helping the environment too!


Known initially for their hummus line, they started to experiment with how they could use the aquafaba (a by-product of chickpeas - more on that below) to create something new. Naturally, they crushed it and have now launched their Plant-Based Ranch, Plant-Based Queso Dip and their Plant-Based Tzatziki.


What the Heck is Aquafaba?


Quite simply, it's the viscous liquid that's a by-product of canning chickpeas. It has protein and other natural ingredients that make it a perfect binding agent for things like, I dunno, Justo's Plant-Based Dips for example. It acts remarkably like egg whites. In fact the next time you open a can of chickpeas, throw the aquafaba into a stand mixer, mix in a little sugar and cream of tartar (stabilizer) and whip on high and in a few minutes you'll have fluffy plant-based meringue! No, seriously.

Aquafaba separated from a bowl of chickpeas

Committed to Helping

There's a lot of reasons you should love Justo's. Beyond the fact that they just make really good dips, they also are deep believers in the business model of "for profit, for good" a growing (hooray!) trend in businesses across the board. The idea being that you can be a profitable business, while helping to give back. Justo's is walking the walk by being proud members of 1% For The Planet and, because they wanted to do more - because again, they are just that awesome - they also created their own initiative 1% For the People.


These two commitments sees that Justo's donates  to some pretty incredible causes. Firstly, they donate 1% from all sales to the Plastic Credit Exchange, an organization that facilitates the proper collection and processing of plastic waste. Since inception, the Plastic Credit Exchange has diverted over 31 million kilograms of plastic from entering the environment!

Additionally, they donate another 1% to feeding those in need right here on Vancouver Island - a cause dear to our hearts at BCause!


"We are passionate about great tasting, nutritious food and we want to ensure that those who need it have it. So far we’ve donated over 8,000 jars worth of our hummus since starting Justo’s back in the fall of 2019."

Justo's Plant-Based Dips

Check Out The Awesome Charities Justo's Supports


These are just some of the amazing organizations that Justo's has helped over the years.


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