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'A bowl of soup a day keeps the chill away'... I think that's how the saying goes. Either way, Soupa Cafe's soups are an easy, delicious and filling meal whenever you get a craving." - Mitch

We're excited to welcome Soupa Cafe to BCause! Known as one of Downtown Victoria's go-to cafes, Soupa Cafe decided to package their extremely popular soups so more people could enjoy their hearty, flavourful and all around delicious offerings! With 6 flavours to choose from and with gluten free and vegan options, there's a soup for everyone.

A Soupa Great Love Story

Avi Lugassy was travelling with his brother James around Poland and after a free walking tour, the guide offered to continue the fun by taking those who wanted to the local pub. Ten members of the group joined the tour guide including Avi and James. When they all sat down at the large table, a young woman from the tour group sat oppostie Avi. Her name was Carly, a fellow traveller. They instantly bonded.


Before leaving Poland, Avi stopped by to see Carly at her hostel, but she was asleep. Not sure what to do, he left his email address on her notebook and went back to traveling with James.


Weeks later, Carly sent Avi an email. Then Avi replied to Carly and soon, they were writing to eachother every week. How cute is that?


Fast forward almost exactly a year from the time they met and Carly and Avi decided to meet up again in Rio, Brazil. After only spending 4 hours in person and 12 months of exchanging emails. They would go on to travel to five different countries across South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia) before moving to Canada together and finally landing in Victoria, BC where they started their own restaurant - a lifelong dream of Carly - Soupa Cafe!


Picture of Poland, where the story of Soupa Cafe began!

Cafe Flavour at Home

Since 2016, Soupa Café has been making soup as well as scrumptious sandwiches, wraps, salads, build your own burritos and quesadillas, ice coffee and so much more, most of which is actually – wait for it – good for you! With a focus on community health and wellness in its entirety, Soupa Cafe is committed to filling bellies with only the best healthy fast food meals of goodness, with gluten-free options and a dedicated vegan menu available.


Try Soupa Cafe's soups with your next BCause order and the next time you're Downtown Victoria, visit their cafe at 736 View Street.

Soupa Cafe

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