The Doorway Drop Story

Doorway Drop is a Victoria, BC based grocery retailer that services Vancouver Island and the Metro Vancouver area.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Brenden Fatt (Founder) found himself suddenly doing all the grocery shopping while his wife, Tess Fatt, an RN who was spending longer than normal days in the hospital, tried to safely stay out of public areas. As with many during the pandemic, Brenden also found himself picking-up and delivering groceries for family and friends who were trying to stay home or self isolating.

Brenden and Tess thought "what if there are other people out there who don't have anyone to help them out during this time? How could we help people stay home to avoid risk and those huge lines?" Low and behold, Doorway Drop was created in April 2020.

Fast forward a year, Brenden had successfully grown Doorway Drop to be his full time job, but needed some help. Mitch Hawes, a marketing professional with a background in consumer packaged goods and grocery wholesale, became connected with Brenden and before you know it, Mitch had become a co-owner.

Now, working out of an office in Langford, BC, Brenden and Mitch are building Doorway Drop to new heights! 

Doorway Drop's Mission

At Doorway we believe that food is a right and that good food shouldn't have to break the bank. We believe in supporting local whenever possible and building meaningful connections with vendors and customers alike. We believe in trying new things, making and owning our mistakes, and strive to do better each and every day. Lastly, we believe that the traditional grocery industry is fundamentally flawed and we want to lead the change, but we need your help.

The traditional grocery landscape is a monopoly. In 2019 alone, the top two grocery retailers in Canada (Loblaws and Sobeys/Safeway) combined owned 48.2% of the market. This stronghold on the grocery landscape has led to hidden fee structures for vendors, expensive markups on products for consumers and the dwindling of local-focussed products on store shelves.  

At Doorway Drop, we want to start a food revolution. We want to:

  • CHANGE the way groceries are sold. We want to modernize the grocery business model to not only benefit local vendors, but help them succeed
  • HELP customers be able to buy products at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail and have access to unique product offerings not readily available in retail locations.
  • REDUCE food waste by supporting local food security programs with both monetary and food donations. 

In short, we want to help feed those in our community, support local businesses and give back however we can.

It's true what they say, it takes a village and it is our mission to bring likeminded vendors, business partners and customers together to change the way we eat.

Want to join our food revolution?

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