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Vancouver, BC: Vancouver, BC

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In the bustling city of Vancouver, a visionary entrepreneur named Ty was passionate about revolutionizing the way people enjoyed candy. Inspired by the viral trend of freeze dried candies on TikTok, Ty saw an opportunity to bring this exciting treat to the citizens of Vancouver.

With this vision in mind, Ty founded Yum Ice, a company dedicated to offering the largest collection of freeze dried candies and ice creams, with over 38 irresistible flavors. His goal was to provide an innovative and delightful candy experience like no other.

Ty's commitment to perfection led him to master the art of freeze drying, ensuring that each type of candy retained its vibrant flavors while transforming into a satisfying and crunchy delight.

As word quickly spread throughout Vancouver, Yum Ice became synonymous with unique and indulgent freeze dried treats. People were captivated by the sensational textures and intensified flavors. The demand for Yum Ice grew exponentially, solidifying the brand as the premier choice for gourmet freeze-dried goodies.

Today, Yum Ice's delectable collection can be found in numerous retailers, including some of the largest candy stores in British Columbia. Ty's dream of bringing the excitement of freeze dried candies to Vancouver has become a reality, leaving a lasting impression on candy enthusiasts throughout the city.
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