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"I'm pretty sure I read something that said some dark chocolate every day was good for you, which has been my favourite health advice so far. Let's just say my New Year's Resolution to be healthier has become way easier now that Coal Creek Roasters is on BCause! 🍫" - Brenden

We're excited to welcome Coal Creek Roasters to BCause! Whether you're a dark chocolate fanatic (like me), looking for a high quality chocolate for your next baking session or just looking to get into the rich and flavourful world of bean to bar chocolates, you are not going to be disappointed! With four different intensities 70%, 80%, 90%,and 100% and in both 28g and 100g sizes, you can choose the perfect bar for you.

What does it mean when a chocolate bar has a percent sign?

If you're new to dark chocolate you may not know how to read the label, let us help! The percentage of cacao you see on a label is the measurement of the chocolate bar’s weight that comes from cocoa beans (including cocoa liquor and cocoa butter), also known as cocoa mass. Calculating the percentage is a simple formula of cocoa mass divided by the weight of the chocolate bar. 


This means if you flip over to the ingredients list of the 100% Cacao Coal Creek Roaster's bar you'll see that the only ingredient is cacao where lower percentages also contain organic cane sugar. The amount of cane sugar added lowers the percentage of pure cacao and also makes the chocolate sweeter.


Milk Chocolate = ~30% Cacao

Dark Chocolate = ~50%+ Cacao

90% Coal Creek Roasters 28g
stack of Coal Creek Roasters Chocolate

Choose Your Chocolate!

70% Cacao

Fruity and delicious. These are the thoughts that come to mind while letting a piece of this dark chocolate bar melt on your tongue.

80% Cacao

Smooth and oh so chocolatey. This percentage of dark chocolate has just the right amount of sweet to tame the wildness of the cacao.

90% Cacao

Powerful and to the point. This percentage of dark chocolate is like a cup of black coffee on a cold winter morning; essential.

100% Cacao

Pure and strong. With absolutely no sugar, this percentage of dark chocolate is a force to be reckoned with.

About Coal Creek Roasters

Coal Creek Roasters are a family of bean to bar craft chocolate makers residing in Tahsis, BC.  They roast organic cacao beans from Guatemala and turn them into chocolate one small batch at a time.  They are passionate about chocolate and believe it should be pure, strong, and delicious!  A single origin approach paired with the fact that the only other ingredient they add is a little organic cane sugar, lends a unique flavour to the bars they create.  This flavour transfers beautifully to your palate as it melts in your mouth or to any baking or cooking done with our chocolate.


Meet one of the faces behind Coal Creek Roasters - Jan Bonk (right).

Jan Bonk, Founder and CEO of Coal Creek Roaster

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