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Meet the BCause Team

Meet the BCause Team

It takes an eclectic group to pull off BCause's mission of shaking up the grocery industry after decades of status quo. Get to know the team behind BCause including the team members you'll see delivering your orders across the Island!

"How would I describe the BCause team? Energetic, go-getters that are no strangers to car dancing...I've been told it's 'all in the shoulders'."

- Mitch, Co-Owner

Brenden Fatt, Co-Owner
Mitch Hawes, Co-Owner

Brenden Fatt



Brenden started the original concept behind BCause back in April 2020 as a way to help get essential groceries to vulnerable populations throughout Greater Victoria area during the pandemic. Creating, operating and even delivering orders off the side of his desk at a local produce wholesaler where he had been working for over a decade. With the support and help from his now wife, Tess, Brenden grew the platform to the point where he decided to make it his full time job! Right as he was deciding to make the leap of faith, he met Mitch, who was working on creating a similar platform and, well, look at us now.

Mitch Hawes



Mitch has had a unique marketing and communications career. After 8 years working in radio in Victoria he was looking for a new challenge. He eventually took on a role of Marketing Manager for a local food producer. It was there where he sunk his teeth into the challenging world of consumer packaged goods. The good, the bad and the frustrating. Combined with his knowledge from his families business in transportation, logistics and wholesale, Mitch has a well-rounded view of the business which has fueled his desire to shake things up. With his soon-to-be husband, Patrick, and his goofball of a dog by his side, you're sure to see him at markets across the Island or, making an absolute fool out of himself on the BCause social channels.

Joe Clarke

Logistics Manager

Joe is an O.G. member of the team. He helped Brenden pack and deliver orders back when BCause was a side-of-the-desk project. Now, Joe is BCause's Logistics Manager helping to coordinate all deliveries across Vancouver Island and is the Team Lead for the Delivery crew. Ordering in Greater Victoria? Chances are you'll see Joe behind the wheel helping to get you your order.

Joe Clarke, Logistics Manager

Meet Our Delivery Team

If you shop on BCause, you'll get to know just how awesome our delivery team is. Always rocking a smile, car dancing down the highway and bringing all your favourite snacks right to your door. 

The BCause Delivery Team - Brett, Taylor, Sterling

Want to Join the BCause Team?

We're always on the hunt for new team members to join our growing delivery crew! Interested? Reach out to us at!

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