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"I'm no stranger to a frozen grocery store pizza but Bicycle Pizza is on a completely different level. Only the best ingredients are in their pies. Think restaurant quality wood fire style pizza ready in 6 mins at home. It's basically a dream come true. "

- Brenden

If you were to ask a room full of people what their favourite food was, I guarantee at least half of them would have pizza in their top 3 favourite foods. It makes sense. Pizza is the perfect food. Bread, cheese, sauce and various toppings. Melty goodness. It's just.... <chef's kiss> 👌! When we discovered Bicycle Pizza, you better believe we raced to get them on to #TeamBCause!

What's More Victoria Than Bikes?

Bicycle Pizza is a family affair. Owners of Bicycle Pizza, Andrew and Vanessa always eat together and make time for exercise -  preferably on bikes. 

What started as a “what if” quickly turned into a “why not” which became a “let’s go for it” - all in a matter of months for the ambitious couple.

Bicycle Pizza is run by a family of pizza lovers located right here on Southern Vancouver Island.

Family life is hectic but for Vanessa and Andrew, they always find time to sit down and eat together and are excited about being able to do the same for others. 


F*%k Plastic

Bicycle Pizza wants to say 'goodbye' to traditional plastic packaging, because plastic sucks. The Bicycle Pizza team set off on a mission to transition away from plastic and towards 100% compostable packaging - how cool is that?

That being said, these sorts of investments for a start up are challenging. Luckily, that didn't stop Bicycle Pizza! They launched a crowdfunding campaign so they could purchase custom compostable vacuum bags, as well as commercial sealing equipment and extra refrigeration. 

Their campaign raised over $2,300 from Pizza Lovers in the Greater Victoria area and they are well on their way to making their plastic-free dream a reality!

Video of Bicycle Pizza's Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

Bicycle Pizza - Grapes & Honey
Bicycle Pizza - Cheese

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