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Blueberry Lavender - Tofino Kombucha (355 ml)

Blueberry Lavender - Tofino Kombucha (355 ml)

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Enjoy our light and fresh tasting Blueberry Lavender Kombucha. Light up your day!

Tofino Kombucha is brewed using only premium organic whole leaf teas and evaporated cane juice to produce a light, crisp and noticeably fresh-tasting kombucha that is flavoured using only fresh-pressed juices and/or dried flowers and fruits.

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Filtered water, kombucha culture* evaporated cane juice* blueberries* black tea* green tea* white tea* lavender petals*.

About Tofino Kombucha

At Tofino Kombucha, it's our mission to be your gateway to better nutrition and better health. Let our kombucha guide your gut!

Brewing and drinking kombucha is an excellent way to start enjoying other traditionally prepared fermented foods, such as naturally leavened sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and, of course, yogurt and kefir. We hope to inspire you to start the journey back to the world of preparing and consuming self-sustaining and life-sustaining fermented foods.

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