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Cleaner Concentrate/Refill - Blue Dot (250ml)

Cleaner Concentrate/Refill - Blue Dot (250ml)

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Dilute with purified water to create Blue Dot's Glass & Surface or Extra Strength cleaners. Leave it full strength for an effective drain or oven cleaner. This one bottle of concentrate can make seven bottles of Blue Dot's Glass & Surface cleaner!

What makes Blue Dot different? Blue Dot ditched the harsh chemicals that are found in the majority of household cleaners and instead developed a revolutionary cleaning product using only one ingredient - water! No, seriously!

Blue Dot cleaning products are made from purified water which is then ionized to ultra high pH. Blue Dot's production process delivers water at a pH 13.2 to 13.4 – which falls between bleach and drain cleaner, all without the added chemicals. 

Blue Dot's products are organic, eco-friendly and 100% natural. What's not to love?!


Ionized water (pH 13.2+)*

*Not safe to drink.

About Blue Dot

Blue Dot is a family company, started in a garage in North Vancouver BC. They began with the belief that they could make the world a bit cleaner one home at a time by making better cleaning products. Cleaners that don't need scents, toxic chemicals, or extracts like palm oil. Cleaners that are safer for kids, pets, streams and waterways. Cleaners that use less plastic.

As a family they wanted to bring only the best products into their home. Cleaning products are a seemingly small thing that, one home at a time, become a big deal. Toxic chemicals, wasted plastic, even cleared forest for plantations - all of these are small problems that can grow. They believed they could do better.

They looked at technology that has been tried and tested for a long time - ionization - and built on that foundation. They spent two years developing a system that would produce ultra-high pH ionized water that can cut through grease, clean windows and chrome, is safe for use on almost all materials, and can even sanitize surfaces.

Their entire process is food-grade. You can even use their products as a veggie wash or to clean pots and pans (you can't do that with your usual glass cleaner).

Blue Dot cleaners are produced with an initial minimum pH of 13.2, the same pH as oven cleaner. This product (our Concentrate) can be diluted with purified water to make other cleaners, and they use their own purified water to provide individual cleaners or bulk options. We provide products that are highly effective, environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable.

Water is everything to Blue Dot. They donate a portion of profits to water-stewardship through WaterFirst and WaterAid.

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