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Flaked White Tuna (170g) - Clover Leaf

Flaked White Tuna (170g) - Clover Leaf

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Flaked White Tuna - Wild Caught

CLOVER LEAF® White (Albacore) Tuna is creamy white with a slight pink hue, and has a mild flavour. The flaked style comes as many small pieces or “flakes” and is packed in water resulting in fewer calories and natural goodness.

CLOVER LEAF®’s Flaked White Tuna in Water has no preservatives or no additives, and contains All Natural Ingredients! It is available in BPA free cans. 

We changed the salt to all natural sea salt (not all sea salt is all natural).

White tuna is the best choice when entertaining or for meals where presentation is paramount. It provides excellent value, and is ideal for recipes requiring the flaky tuna, such as the CLOVER LEAF®’s Curried Tuna Dip.

Clover Leaf tuna is wild & traceable.

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