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Ginger in Honey - Dr. Bee (500g)

Ginger in Honey - Dr. Bee (500g)

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This bright and balanced honey is just what the doctor ordered! This superfood combination has been used for centuries for its immune boosting effects. 100% pure, unpasteurized honey is combined with real ginger root for a sweet, antioxidant rich spread with a kick of flavour.


Pure Canadian Honey, Organic Ginger.

About Us

At Dr. Bee, we prioritize your well-being by using a science-based approach to beekeeping and production. Our decades of expertise allow us to create all-natural wellness products that provide maximum health benefits. Made with trusted ingredients, our range of products include pure honey infused with superfood ingredients, potent propolis throat sprays, and other products that enhance your wellness routine.

Dr. Bee's signature product, Ice Honey, has earned global acclaim for its exceptional quality. At the 2019 International Apicultural Congress, Apimondia, the honey won a world beekeeping award, placing it among the top selection of the finest honeys in the world.

Choose Dr. Bee for your health and wellness needs and experience the power of nature's finest ingredients!

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