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Grapefruit - Wize Tea (355ml)

Grapefruit - Wize Tea (355ml)

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WIZDOM IS MEANT TO BE SHARED: When we discovered how to upcycle coffee leaves by crafting them into refreshing, healthy tea, we just had to share our creation with you. The coffee leaf is naturally sweet and never bitter and creates a tea similar to black tea, but with a far superior taste.

BETTER FOR YOU ICED TEA: Our Wize Grapefruit Iced Tea is made with simple, clean ingredients and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. With only 10 calories per can, this indulgent, guilt-free iced tea is the perfect alternative to sweet tea, sodas or juice.

DELICIOUS & REMARKABLY REFRESHING: Our real brewed iced tea features a refreshing and balanced taste with a hint of sweetness from 1g of cane sugar to create an incredibly satisfying and thirst-quenching anytime drink.

LIGHTLY CAFFEINATED & ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Featuring rare antioxidants and light caffeine (35mg per can), Wize Tea provides steady energy and focus for clarity to fuel your healthy and active lifestyle and all of your creative endeavors.

EMPOWERING CONSUMERS & FARMERS: This game-changing beverage unlocks your potential while empowering coffee farmers to make a year-round living. Each can creates 2 minutes of employment for coffee farmers when they need it most. Wize people know life is better when everyone wins. #WizeUp.

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Water, real brewed coffee leaves, cane sugar, lemon juice, natural grapefruit flavor.

About Wize Tea

Driven by health, inspired by innovation, motivated by impact.

When Max went to France for school in 2012, he overdosed on coffee during finals season and was ordered by his doctor to quit coffee and switch to tea. He never loved traditional green and black teas, so he started searching for alternatives that would be delicious, healthy, and ultimately sustainable for his body and the planet.

A month later, he and his French classmate Arnaud were starting a new entrepreneurship class project. That first day of class in January 2013, he came across a study about the coffee leaf that proved its strong health benefits, light caffeine, and long history of use as an herbal infusion in Ethiopia and Indonesia. It also became apparent that coffee farms are very seasonal and farmers suffer from extremely volatile market prices and a long off-season where they are trimming off extra leaves but not using them for anything.

They began to ask themselves “why hasn’t anyone tried to craft or ferment the coffee leaves before, like they do in the traditional tea industry?” They had a hunch that they could create very special flavors and varieties if they applied the same tea-style methodology to the coffee leaf.

Together, the two decided that this idea was worth pursuing for their class project.

Global problems call for global collaboration
At the end of the school year, they decided to put theory into practice and flew to Nicaragua to find some coffee farms. The first farmers didn’t even believe them, asking them why they were interested in the leaf to begin with. “It has no value,” farmers would say. Others were curious, but not enough to get involved.

During their search, they kept meeting other coffee importers and buyers. One of their new connections thought the coffee leaf idea was brilliant, and introduced them to Enrique Ferrufino, a third-generation coffee farmer who leads the country in ethics and innovation.

When they brought the idea to Enrique, his eyes lit up with inspiration as he started brainstorming different ways of cultivating, crafting, and ultimately creating a new delicious drink that has the potential to revolutionize the industry for the better.

One year later, Enrique joined Wize as an equal-equity founder and bolstered the team with decades of coffee-growing experience. This team-focused aspect makes Wize vertically integrated from the ground up, and ensures that the farmers and their workers’ have decision-making power for long-term growth and sustainability.

The Wize ethos
We can all be better and do better if we make wize choices. We’re realists; yes, we have a mountain to climb to solve global problems, but with small incremental action from everyone, we can write the future that we want. The pen is in our hands.

Wize is redefining wisdom for the new generation. Acknowledging the negatives, creating the positives, and relishing the challenge instead of shying away from it. Big things have small beginnings, and this is how we choose to live our lives; with purpose.

Think outside the bean and Wize up.

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