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Medium Chunky Chili Sauce - Dyana's Aji (225ml)

Medium Chunky Chili Sauce - Dyana's Aji (225ml)

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The middle ground between an introvert and extrovert. The medium sauce can dance with any meal, but may be a bit too sassy for those who are very sensitive (to spice). A tangy flavour with a medium zing! This will become your favourite go-to sauce once you build up your spice tolerance a little bit, by bringing out the flavours of your dishes and will make your taste buds sing. Use and explore in your cooking as an ingredient, as a marinade, or to simply use at the table!

Uses: The possibilities are limitless! Play with it as a hot sauce on top of any meat, vegetarian, or vegan dish. Amazing with any rice or pasta bowls as well. You can also use it as a marinade for chicken wings and ribs. Mix Aji with other ingredients to create delicious dips and sauces such as your new signature white sauce or tartar sauce!

Mix 50/50 with mayo/yogurt/sour cream/vegannaise—it’s the perfect vegetable and pizza dip. Use to marinade your fish, put on your potatoes and in a sandwich!

Made in a facility that also handles nuts, peanuts, soy, eggs, gluten & other allergens.


White Vinegar, Diced Tomatoes, Water, Onions, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Corn Starch, Cilantro, Crushed Chili, Cayenne Pepper, Chives, Yeast Extract.

About the Dyana's Aji

We are a family from Colombia and we immigrated to Canada back in October of 1999. As it is our culture, Dyana (mom) continued to make the traditional condiment called Aji for our family to put on all of our food. Aji is the Spanish word for "pepper" and the name of the typical mixture of tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Dyana did this to keep a little slice of home in the fridge. When the kids began playing sports (hockey and soccer), Dyana and Carlos (dad) were invited to a potluck dinner, and being South American, were asked to bring the guacamole. Dyana had never made guacamole as it is not a big part of Colombian culture but she knew she could figure something out. In the last minute, Dyana decided to just mash the avocado and add the Aji we had in the fridge. Well the guacamole was a HUGE hit! People were even using their fingers to get the last bits in the bowl, and went on to tell Dyana that she should make it and sell it. Dyana didn't think much of it.

The family then moved to the Lower Mainland. During a chance encounter, Dyana connected with a representative that specialized in specialty foods and shortly after the representative tried Dyana's Aji, Dyana received a call from a distributor stating that if she made it, he would sell it.

Dyana did her homework and got everything set up and the calls from stores wanting to carry the product started! The company quickly set up an assembly line with Allison (daughter) filling the jars and weighing them, Carlos putting on the lids, Dyana, Nicholas (son) and Augusto (grandpa) putting on shrink wraps and stickers. From those humble beginnings, Dyana's Aji has expanded and now sells in most major retail chains. Dyana's Aji continues to grow but is still a family business with  Dyana (CEO), Carlos (CFO) and Nicholas (COO) working full time and daughter, Allison, playing a very important role in large business decisions as well as marketing and advertising.

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