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Mexican Chorizo Seasoning Mix - Taco Revolution (60g)

Mexican Chorizo Seasoning Mix - Taco Revolution (60g)

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A blend of spices created for that authentic Mexican chorizo flavour. Make your own chorizo sausage or use it as an interesting alternative to salt and pepper on the dinner table.

All Taco Revolution products are 100% Gluten free!


Ancho (powder), Guajillo (powder), Chipotle (powder), Bay leaf (whole, dried), Coriander (powder), Oregano (leaves, dried), Clove (powder), Cumin (powder), Cinnamon (powder), Black pepper (medium grind), Salt.

About Taco Revolution

Ixim was started as a passion project by Michelle Paez and PJ Frayne out of their small home kitchen on Gabriola Island in 2015. Having returned to Canada from living abroad in South America, they missed the wonderful tortillas and other fresh foods that they had become accustomed to. Searching grocery stores all over Vancouver Island, they couldn't find a corn tortilla that came close to what was commonly available in Mexico. So, they purchased a small tortilla press and started making their own.

Several members in their new Island community heard about the tortillas that PJ and Michelle were making, and invited the couple to set up a booth at the Gabriola Farmer's market. The tortillas were an instant hit, and the passion project quickly turned into a hobby business. Within a year, Ixim Foods Inc was incorporated and was selling tortillas from 4 different farmer's markets around the Island. But tortillas weren't enough. People wanted ready-to-eat tacos! Beginning in the second year, the Taco Revolution food truck was built and put into service. It was a huge hit and quickly attracted a large following. Ixim Foods was no longer a hobby business.

The building of a commissary kitchen quickly followed, and with it an expanded product line. Over the course of the last few years, Taco Revolution has grown to become a highly regarded and recognized brand of Mexican Food products on Vancouver Island. And we continue to grow.

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