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Single-Origin Instant Coffee - Fernwood Coffee Company (20g)

Single-Origin Instant Coffee - Fernwood Coffee Company (20g)

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Our friends at Hasty Coffee carefully brew and process our instant coffee in small batches. The process leaves you with pure, crystallized coffee solids. For our first offering, we chose to use a Brazilian coffee from our friend Caio Pereira, and the end result far exceeded our expectations. In our blind taste tests, people had no idea they were drinking instant coffee.


Freeze dried Brazilian coffee

Direct trade

About Fernwood Coffee Company

Fernwood Coffee started off roasting in what was once a bicycle courier call centre. We’re more than a coffee shop: we’re a hub for the Fernwood community, a routine morning stop, a weekend ritual, and an active member of our community.

Fernwood Coffee was established in 2007 after we took over The Parsonage Café. Intrigued by the 1930s German coffee roaster sitting behind the café’s counter, we enrolled in world­-renowned roasting courses and workshops everywhere from Idaho to California. We traveled extensively, apprenticed with highly­ regarded baristas and roasters, and researched exhaustively to roast, brew, and pull the finest coffee possible. Since then, a lot’s happened: we purchased a much more modern roaster, traveled to and judged a number of international barista competitions, trained world class baristas, and won some awards. We've worked hard to make our café and roastery a cultural staple in Fernwood.

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