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Smokey Chipotle - Yeshi (350ml)

Smokey Chipotle - Yeshi (350ml)

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Yeshi's Nutritional Yeast dressings are plant-based, and gluten-free  and a great alternative to traditional salad dressings. It’s a healthy alternative to a heavier salad dressing and the Nutritional Yeast adds a nice cheesy nutty flavour.

Yeshi's Smoky Chipotle dressing is perfect for the adventurous eater. It is made with all natural ingredients, is vegan. The dressing will not overpower your favourite salads, but will instead enhance the flavours of your favourite ingredients. 

All of Yeshi's products are made with all natural ingredients and do not contain any of the gluten-containing ingredients



Canola oil, water, soya sauce (water, soybeans, salt, sugar, cornstarch), vinegar, nutritional yeast, garlic, chipotle powder, sugar, salt, hickory smoke flavour, xanthan gum.

Contains soy, sulfites. Soy sauce is certified gluten-free.



Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free

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