Kirk's Premium Sparkling Probiotic Soda

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North Vancouver, BC: North Vancouver, BC

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Kirk and Kenn are brothers from North Vancouver building a functional beverage company, Kirk's Premium Probiotic Beverages. Kirk's commercialized 2 years ago in a 10 x 10 shared space located in downtown Vancouver. 2 years later they've created an independent HACCP certified bottling facility in North Vancouver. Kirk's offer a unique selection of premium organic probiotic/prebiotic beverages. Kirk's is loved by children and adults because of the smooth simple flavors, health benefits, and no vinegar bite like many competing beverage brands. Our Kirk's Premium Probiotic beverages are infused with just the right amount of forced carbonation providing a pop-like fizz & organic juices elevating the consumer's experience, setting us apart from many of the flat/noncarbonated varieties. All of this goodness is presented in a classic, compact reusable and recyclable glass bottle. 

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