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Artisan Grilled Breakfast Chorizo Empanadas - Scorpion Chef (4pk)

Artisan Grilled Breakfast Chorizo Empanadas - Scorpion Chef (4pk)

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Hot breakfasts for cool mornings! These are stuffed with chorizo, eggs, onions, cheese, and jalapeños for a hearty start to the day.


Puff pastry (pastry flour, lard, water, salt), chorizo pork, eggs, white onions, cheese, jalapeños, Spanish paprika, salt, pepper, spices.

About Scorpion Chef

A new and tantalizing culinary experience has arrived in Victoria, BC! Marcelo Anastasi, the internationally renowned chef de cuisine and owner, has brought his incredibly delectable creations to our community through his new masterly designed Artisan Empanadas, Scorpion Chef offers a variety of ready to bake at home empanadas, or hot to enjoy from his new Food Truck.

Chef Marcelo is an award-winning Executive Chef who incorporates his Spanish and Italian upbringing into his culinary offerings. This top Canadian chef has arrived on Vancouver Island to share his delectable creations with our community. His main goal is to combine local ingredients, spices, and seeds to create truly unique flavours, which he accomplishes most often by roasting his favourite dishes.

“Food is essential for the body, but good food nourishes the soul”.

Scorpion Chef, Artisan Empanadas has been exquisitely designed. This hip, sleek, modern concept is bursting with flavour that will satisfy both your eyes and your taste buds. When you discover this new concept, you will be greeted with exotic aromas and a diverse selection of the freshest and highest quality local ingredients.

"Try Marcelo's masterpieces Empanadas if you want to die for a second and go to heaven."

Chef Marcelo and Nancy's Artisan Empanadas handcraft each empanada to perfection, offering Nancy's mom's traditional beef recipe, Argentinean pastry filled with beef and caramelized onions, a touch of roasted cumin and Spanish smoked sweet paprika, the non-traditional, Grilled Lemon Chicken, and Inspired 5 Veggies as vegetarian options.

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