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Buzzed Honey with Lion's Mane - Corbicula Pollen (500g)

Buzzed Honey with Lion's Mane - Corbicula Pollen (500g)

Expiry date: 2028/01/10
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Pollen for the body, lion's mane mushroom for the mind. A blend of wild forage bee pollen, lion's mane mushroom and BC honey. With a rich & earth flavour, this nutrient-dense blend will feed your body AND your mind.


Honey, Been Pollen, Lion's Mane Mushroom

Contains Pollen

About Corbicula

Corbicula Pollen was a seed that germinated in Jason’s brain for years. When the time was right, he rallied his wife, Carolyn - the bee farmer & pollen expert, to make the dream come true. A passion they continue to share is local, high quality bee pollen - an incredibly underserved market. Over many croissants and craft beers, these 2 continue to design, develop and produce with the highest standards.


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