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Creamed Raw Honey - Corbicula Pollen (500g)

Creamed Raw Honey - Corbicula Pollen (500g)

Expiry date: 2028/01/26

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Raw Wild Forage Honey is honey in its most natural state. Our Wild Forage honey is collected from whatever flower the bees choose to go to throughout British Columbia. At Corbicula, we do not believe in mono-crop honey, this leaves you with only the most nutritional properties. The aroma and rich flavour cannot be compared. This honey contains the many antibacterial and medicinal properties found in wild honey. It's also a good source of antioxidants to help protect your body.  It is delicately creamed, which means it's been set at a particular honey crystal size and will not change in texture or crystallize like liquid honey does.



About Corbicula

Corbicula Pollen was a seed that germinated in Jason’s brain for years. When the time was right, he rallied his wife, Carolyn - the bee farmer & pollen expert, to make the dream come true. A passion they continue to share is local, high quality bee pollen - an incredibly underserved market. Over many croissants and craft beers, these 2 continue to design, develop and produce with the highest standards.


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