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Pure Madagascar Vanilla Paste - Vanillablossom (150ml)

Pure Madagascar Vanilla Paste - Vanillablossom (150ml)

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Made with vanilla extract from Madagascar's finest vanilla beans, our Pure Madagascar Vanilla Paste is thickened with xanthan gum and contains ground vanilla bean, which add a pleasing visual element. Pure Madagascar Vanilla Paste is an excellent substitute for whole vanilla beans, and is perfect for ice cream, creme bruleé, custard, icing and frosting, and other desserts. One tablespoon of paste is equal to one vanilla bean.


Water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives, xanthan gum, vanilla bean specks & sugar

About Vanilla Blossom

Vanillablossom Flavors is a Canadian small business on Vancouver Island, offering premium vanilla products and spices at accessible prices. For owner David Best, vanilla is a family affair. The company was started by Dave's father, Larry Best, who operated the company for 35 years. Dave grew up learning the business from his father, and he still uses his dad's recipe for vanilla extract.

In recent years, Dave expanded Vanillablossom's product line from vanilla products to include a variety of spices and other baking flavours, and he prides himself on dealing directly with suppliers to ensure high-quality products. All vanilla beans are imported directly from a locally-owned and operated farm in Madagascar, and all manufacturing—from making extract to packaging spices—is done at the Vanillablossom shop on Vancouver Island.

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