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10" x 5.5" Western Red Cedar Grilling Plank - BC Coastal Grilling

10" x 5.5" Western Red Cedar Grilling Plank - BC Coastal Grilling

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“Releasing the Flavours of the West Coast Rain Forest”

Cooking using Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) wood is a tradition handed down throughout the years from the First Nations people where it was found that the wood easily split with primitive tools, soaked up water to prevent burning and in addition, imparted a slightly sweet, smoky flavour to the food source being cooked. The most common type of food to cook on a WRC Plank is Salmon, however many other types of fish, seafoods, meat, poultry, and vegetables work well, too!

About The Product

The WRC wood used is sourced primarily from the Coastal Forest Region and purchased in Rough Green Lumber form, the wood is first kiln or air dried to remove most of the moisture in the wood. Then planed on all 4 sides through a moulder and chamfered or rounded on the top 2 edges to reduce the chance of obtaining slivers. It is then sanded to round the corners and chamfered on the ends for appearance. Each Plank is then Logo Branded, wrapped, labelled, ready for delivery to you the Consumer.

Having been Kiln or Air Dried that removes the moisture in the Cells of wood, the Plank(s) when soaked in any liquid (predominantly water), will soak the liquid back into the cells.

Can all be used in the oven as well as the barbeque.

The planks are 9/16” (14mm) thick, which is great for any type of food, but necessary for thicker cuts of seafood, poultry, and meats. Each plank can withstand 2-3 uses on a BBQ, and multiple uses in an oven when directions are followed correctly.

Directions for Use

The first step in creating a memorable West Coast meal is to soak; this means to completely submerge the grilling plank in water or any liquid of your choosing. Soak for 2-6 hours or, ideally, overnight, if you plan ahead. The next step is to prepare the food. If using BC Coastal Grilling Rubs: measure out 1-2 Tablespoons of oil to make a paste. Slather the food with the rub and set aside.
While preheating the BBQ on High for 5-10 minutes, wipe excess water from the plank and place the food skin-side down (if seafood).
Turn one side of the BBQ down to Low and place plank on this side. Leave the other burner(s) on Med-Low and close the lid. You will hear popping and see smoke start to come from the BBQ – this is good! Check the plank frequently for flare-ups, which will occur because of the drips from the food. Use a water spray bottle to stop any flare-ups. Ideally, the plank should be smoldering, not flaring. Smoldering creates the smoke that gives the food a wonderful smoky flavour.
It is unnecessary to flip or turn seafood or veggies when plank cooking. Meats and poultry must be flipped at the halfway point in order to be cooked through.
Remember that the liquid in the plank will steam the food; this means the food will be nice and moist and might not appear to be done. Do the flake test with seafood, and check meats and poultry as you would on a regular BBQ (using a food thermometer is a great idea). Generally, cooking time will be doubled because of the indirect cooking method. Usual cooking times for seafood will be 5-6 minutes per inch of thickness.
If grill marks are wanted for appearance, a quick searing is suggested just before plating. This works well for steak, pork, and poultry, but isn’t recommended with seafood.

Other Tips:
- Can all be used in the oven as well as the barbeque.
- Placing tin foil underneath the plank during cooking will help increase the lifespan of it.
- Another way to keep the longevity of your plank is to turn the burner(s) directly underneath the plank off, and just use adjacent burners as form of indirect cooking.
- Always use care when handling hot grilling planks. If serving directly to the table, placing them on a baking sheet or appropriate tray is suggested Grilling planks

Check for recipes!

Personalize it by heat-branding a custom logo onto it.

About BC Coastal Grilling Planks

B.C. Coastal is a wood manufacturing company specializing in the production of sustainable “Value-added” Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) cooking products. Operations are based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada located within the Coastal Forest Region, the primary source of Western Red Cedar tree species in the world.

The Company is owned and managed by the (Livelton-Moore) family whose three generations of forest industry involvement and understanding ensures a stable wood supply and quality end product.

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