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Premium Western Red Cedar Cooking Wraps - BC Coastal Grilling Planks (10Pk)

Premium Western Red Cedar Cooking Wraps - BC Coastal Grilling Planks (10Pk)

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Our cooking wraps are made from clear vertical grain western red cedar lumber, sliced into veneer and chopped into 6”L x 6”W pieces. 

There are 10 Wraps per package that include 10 lengths of cotton butchers twine for tying.

They are made for single use only and work well in the oven as well as on the barbeque. In the oven, we suggest placing the prepared wraps on a cookie sheet. On the barbeque just put them directly on the grill.

How to

Submerge and pre-soak your wraps for 5 – 10 minutes. (Depends on how flexible the wrap is. Some wraps are very pliable and will only require minimum soaking; others are more brittle and will definitely need the extra soaking time.)

Once soaked, place the food along the grain of the wrap and simply roll the wrap keeping wrap tight enough to secure the food inside. Secure the wrap with cotton butcher’s twine (which I soak along with the wraps) or tie off the wrap with soaked strips of corn husks, green onion stems or even Lemongrass.

Place the wraps on a preheated barbeque (around 400) or in the oven (middle rack) and cook for 5-8 minutes. Cooking time will be quick. The wraps are very thin and so the water you’ve soaked them in will cook out of the wrap quickly. Prawns, Scallops, Veggies and thinly sliced Salmon, Whitefish or Meats will work well (anything that cooks quickly).

Wraps infuse a subtle cedar flavour and create a wonderful visual presentation when served directly on the plates. We recommend using our Seafood Rub that is included in the Wrap Pkgs w/Seafood Rub for a fantastic flavour.

You can make 30 Wrappetizers out of the package of 10 by using scissors to cut the wraps into 2” strips and rolled as shown below.

About BC Coastal Grilling Planks

“Releasing the Flavour of the West Coast Rainforest”

B.C. Coastal is a wood manufacturing company specializing in the production of sustainable “Value-added” Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) cooking products. Operations are based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada located within the Coastal Forest Region, the primary source of Western Red Cedar tree species in the world.

The Company is owned and managed by the (Livelton-Moore) family whose three generations of forest industry involvement and understanding ensures a stable wood supply and quality end product.

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